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Rescue Ready RetroFit – $179

  • Rescue Ready RetroFit has an adjustable length. This unique feature enables you to fit the ladder to most windows, as well as adjust the height of the first rung.
  • The ladders are made from durable 5052 aluminum and nylon webbing, and have been quality tested to meet and exceed ASTM Standard F2175.
  • Engineered standoffs keep the rungs set off of the building, allowing a place for your hands and feet to rest, providing an easier descent.
  • The Anti-Slip rungs provide secure footing.
  • Rescue Ready RetroFit is secured to the structural components of your home.
  • Installation is not difficult. If you can install a flat screen TV, you can install the ladder and its hardware.
  • Rescue Ready RetroFit will fit most egress windows.
  • Rescue Ready RetroFit is stored in a decorative cover and appears to be part of the window trim. The ladder will always be exactly WHERE you want it, WHEN you need it most.
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