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Our Book

Dottie and Cruz are two miniature Australian Shepherds, that survived a real house fire, and now want to educate their friends on how to prepare for emergencies and make safe choices.  They take the readers on an evening patrol of their home – through the yard, in the kitchen, through the bedrooms, and more – to make sure the home is “Rescue Ready” before putting everyone to bed.

This book is written by two house fire survivors.  Lindsay McKinnon and Christy Montoya, along with their families, experienced the unimaginable.  On March 18th, 2016, the same fire that Dottie and Cruz lived through, engulfed the McKinnon’s home while the Montoya family was there visiting.  That night changed both of their lives forever, as Lindsay lost both of her sons, Patrick and Logan, and Christy was significantly burned resulting in skin grafts and a very lengthy recovery.

These moms are on a mission!  They are active fire safety advocates and have devoted their lives to educating others on how to make their home safer, while honoring the legacy of Patrick and Logan.  Parents reading this book with their kids, will appreciate the updated and accurate safety education presented.  Helpful talking points, checklists, and additional resources are provided to help support parents having the difficult conversations with their children.  Fire Safety can be emotional and challenging to talk about with your kids, but Lindsay and Christy, having survived a real house fire, would like to empower you to create safer results.

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