Will RetroFit work on a 3-story window?
Unfortunately, not at this time.  We will be working on a 3-story version in the future!

How long is RetroFit?
Roughly 13 Feet, depending on the attachment point selected as your anchor.

How much weight can it hold?
RetroFit meets and exceeds ASTM Standard F2175. It has been tested to support more than 750 pounds. RetroFit is secured to attachment points which are directly fastened to the load bearing members of the wall.

Will RetroFit work on my window?
RetroFit is designed to work on double and single hung windows, or single casement windows. When your window is in the open position, the opening must be centered on the installed RetroFit ladder.  For example, a slider window that moves side to side would not be an appropriate window due to the fact that the opening would be on one side of the window in the open position.  This would put RetroFit out of line of the opening.

Will RetroFit work on a double or triple window?
RetroFit is anchored to the jack/king studs on either side of the window.  Most multiple window units do not have structural studs between them. The structural components of these windows are typically on either side of the combined unit. For that reason, it would not be ideal to install RetroFit on a multiple window unit.

How many do we need in our house?
The NFPA recommends that you have a second way out of every bedroom, so we suggest that you have a RetroFit escape system in every second-floor bedroom.

Why is the cover in the pictures different than the computer-generated cover in the video?
RetroFit has been evolving and improving since we filmed our promotional videos.  We have worked tirelessly to make the cover resemble the profile of wood trim, while at the same time increasing its strength.  Any differences you see from the promotional videos and photos are improvements!

Is this the same product we saw on Shark Tank?
No. The product we took to Shark Tank required us to partner with a window company. The ladder was stored inside of the window frame itself.
RetroFit is different…. And better. The ladder itself is very similar, but the product is freestanding and installed just below your existing windows.

When will I get it?
Unfortunately, we will not be shipping by the end of 2020 as anticipated. Due to factors outside of our control, specifically COVID-19 and the wildfires in Southern California, our production has been pushed back. Our new and realistic goal is now July 1, 2021. Please accept our sincere apology to those of you waiting on orders. We are very optimistic about the New Year and look forward to making all of your homes Rescue Ready as soon as possible. Be safe and stay healthy!

What should we do while we wait for our RetroFit ladders to arrive?
Practice, Practice, Practice! Make sure your family is familiar with an agreed upon escape plan. Review the different ways to escape your house, and make sure everyone knows where to meet once they are out. Please look at Rescue Ready’s Safety Tips for more suggestions.

Unanswered questions?
Please email us at BeRescueReady@gmail.com