We are Rescue Ready.

We are a team of Firefighters, Dads, Moms, Engineers and Entrepreneurs determined to provide you and your family with a practical and realistic means of escape from the modern house fire, or any other life-threatening situation in your home.

Residential building materials have evolved, and fires are burning hotter and faster than ever before. While several aspects of the fire safety industry are keeping up, others such as fire escape ladders have been left far behind.

We set out on a journey over fours ago to provide families with fire escape ladders that made sense. With over 25 years of combined service with Norfolk Fire-Rescue, in Norfolk, VA, we have seen what works, and unfortunately seen what doesn’t.

Built around our fire escape ladder and children's book, Rescue Ready has developed a brand that is committed to educating the public on current fire safety standards and providing families with a means of escape when and if the unimaginable happens. Fire safety can be difficult to talk about, but we have learned that if it gets ignored, the outcomes can be tragic.

We hope that our products will provide you with a sense of security and confidence when it comes to fire safety. Please get involved, embrace the conversation, and allow us to help you prepare your house for a worst-case scenario!

Our Team

Eric Hartsfield  –  Co-Founder
Brett Russell  –  Co-Founder
Dr. Willy Donaldson – Lead Advisor
Francis Hauris – Lead Engineer
Evan Kidd - Videographer/Creative
Lindsay McKinnon - Author/Contributor
Christy Montoya - Author/Contributor